What We DO

We, Enfocus India (P) Ltd., are proud providers of simply the fastest, safest, most durable and cost effective building system. We have put in our efforts to create a building system for both commercial and residential buildings, which is not only easy to build but also positively support our ecological system. SABS™ (SAEBI ALTERNATIVE BUILDING SYSTEM) and its assorted applications have come up as a ground-breaking building technology, in this competitive era.

Enfocus is dedicated to offer an affordable yet strong green building technology to its clients to expel the burden of high building cost for both residential as well as commercial building. We recognize that in order to convert many traditional ways & transform them into a green way of building starts with the accurate realization of cost and simplicity involved in the construction of buildings. Construction of buildings is made easier, affordable, energy efficient & harmless to our planet Earth with SABS™ (SAEBI ALTERNATIVE BUILDING SYSTEM).

Energy Efficient

  • Moisture Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Sound Insulation

Durability & Strength

  • Resilient to mold or mildew
  • Panels do not dent
  • 2,000 psi retention strength
  • Embraces up to 260 MPH winds
  • Creates surplus strength


  • The EPS Foam insulation is 94% air
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • EPS Foam is non- toxic
  • Sprayed with Cement, Sand and proprietary patented additives to provide high structural strength


  • Few formation trades to manage
  • The system’s effortlessness makes assembly fast
  • The EPS Foam is lightweight making assembly easy

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